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It’s the Middle of November Already…

And I still have a lot to do!  Much progress has been made this week, including installation of the new pixel tree, raising of the first layer of the spiral tree, and many smaller items coming together. I also have a final layout plan together, which will allow me to get on with my sequencing. There’s never as much time as I think there will be, so ‘crunch time’ becomes quite hectic. I get to eat, sleep, and breathe lights for a few weeks (yes, even more than normal).

It still looks like the lights will be running November 26, so if the NFL game Thanksgiving night isn’t your thing, and the MSG in your turkey hasn’t induced a coma, come on by and kick off your Christmas season!

In the meantime, here’s a short teaser of the new pixel tree 🙂 :

2 Comments on It’s the Middle of November Already…

williams said : administrator Report 9 years ago

Agreed. I stood out there and watched it run through various patterns for a bit. Pretty stoked about how it turned out.

Tim said : Guest Report 9 years ago

Crunch time for sure. Know exactly what you mean.Pixel tree looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing it in person. So much better in person.

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