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Planning is Everything…

…at least as far a the display is concerned 🙂 I finished the Profile file last night. This file is where the entire layout is assigned channel numbers and grouped to begin sequencing. This is a big step, because now my actual sequences can be made. Several of last year’s sequences will be revised to be used with the new additions to the display, and I have many new ones to make. It will definitely eat up some clock. If all goes according to plan, I will have at least 13 new sequences this year, most of which are music, the rest being pop-culture bits. If I complete them, it will allow me to do different shows on different nights, which is the plan at this point. I am still combing through more music, looking for fun songs to add.

I am adding two new controllers this year as well. These are a new controller, called the Renard Plus 32. They are a little simpler than some of the controllers I already have in use, but just as versatile. The RP32 will drive more SSRs, and I already know where they will be used.


It is only July, but I am already getting amped up for the show. It should be a good one 🙂

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williams said : administrator Report 8 years ago

It should be a fun show. I am looking forward to it myself :) Thank you!

Harold & MaryAnn Hancock said : Guest Report 8 years ago

Got email from your mom. Looking forward to seeing this years show.

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