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Most people are familiar with earworms- that song, or chunk of a song, that gets stuck in your head, looping relentlessly until you have to go find something else to listen to.  Of course, if it works, you then have a new earworm… but I digress…

Sequencing songs for our light show is akin to introducing your own earworms intentionally, and then helping them burrow deeply, to the point where they can not be dislodged by natural means.  For example, I worked on one sequence from late last week through Saturday, logging about 12-13 hours of clock time on it over a few days.  Try to imagine how intimately you could get to know a two-minute song after hearing pieces of it over and over, at regular speed, three-quarter speed, half speed, and then watching the whole thing on preview and starting over again with new edits, for over 12 hours.  That is my current situation.  I finished that song Saturday evening, played a worship set (twice) on Sunday, then worked on several more sequences from last year, updating them to this year’s layout.  Even after all that music went through my head, a good portion of which I had to really pay attention to, the first song is the one that pops into my head when I least expect it…  It will go away eventually, I hope 🙂

New progress:
-I have 15 sequences ready to run
-I completed the stars that I showed in the write-up a few days ago, though you will have to come by to see them 🙂
-I have been directly helping a couple other people with the electronics for their respective shows, and once I have the person I am currently working with up and going, I will be on to my show only for the rest of the season
-I expect delivery of the final enclosures for my electronics this week, so I can button them up

I still have a good amount of work to do, but I’m not panicked, yet.

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williams said : administrator Report 8 years ago

And I still have more to do, lol. As to the song, I'll message you. Can't give away all my secrets :) As for the folks I have been trying to help out, one is in Illinois and one in Oklahoma. Both are first year shows. I have controllers being shipped to me for testing from OK even now :)

Tim said : Guest Report 8 years ago

Fifteen sequences is a big number, and a ton of hours to create them. Most people wouldn't realize the time it takes to create one sequence. So what is the name of the first song that you can't shake? And are the people you are working with to create their own shows new, or have we seen their displays before?

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