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Sample Prop Build (pvc star)

One of the things I am asked about regularly is where I found my props for the display.  Most of the items in our display are hand built.  I do this for two main reasons:  you won’t see 30 of them in other yards on the way home, and it’s generally cheaper.  I am adding a couple items this year that have stars on them, and decided to take a whack at bending them up myself.  I used 3/4 grey pvc conduit in full 10′ lengths, a heat gun and several clamping devices.  I drew a 36° angle on the table for reference and went for it.  Follow along:

On the next one I made, I flattened the mounting area first, which was much more effective, so should you decide to duplicate the effort, do it that way 🙂   Now I just need to  throw some lights at it and it will be ready for some blinky-flashy fun.

Other progress notes:

-I have finally stopped modifying the profile for the show, and have started sequencing in earnest.  I have eight or nine sequences ready, and am plugging away at more.

-Window frames are wrapped and ready for install

-Wireless units are all programmed and tested

I haven’t hit the panic point yet, but time is definitely getting short.  Only a couple of weeks before stuff starts migrating to the yard.

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williams said : administrator Report 8 years ago

You'll likely remember that I have several short 'pop culture bits' between the songs. I started with those, lol. Do the easy ones first, right?

Tim said : Guest Report 8 years ago

Nice tutorial about star making. Thanks for sharing. Nine sequences ready? You sure are a go getter. And more to come. Wow!

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