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Finally, some lights…

Sunday, November 29th, 2015

Okay, so for those of you who have been wondering about the lights, they are finally running! There are a few pixel elements that are still waterlogged, and will need to dry out before they work again. Hopefully by this weekend, we can be up to full speed. We will keep you updated. For now, […]

Just relax and look at the center of the picture…

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Keep watching and repeat after me: ¬†“I will come to the light show. I will come to the light show.” All kidding aside, the new and revised pixel elements are all coming together well and should add some more fun to the display. We’re down to single digits on the countdown timer. It’s hard to […]

It’s the Middle of November Already…

Monday, November 16th, 2015

And I still have a lot to do! ¬†Much progress has been made this week, including installation of the new pixel tree, raising of the first layer of the spiral tree, and many smaller items coming together. I also have a final layout plan together, which will allow me to get on with my sequencing. […]


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