Almost Christmas…

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost here. Just a month ago I was fretting about getting the lights up and going. Thanksgiving came and went, and the lights were still dark. After a huge effort by my dad, my wife and me, we finally got the lights (mostly) going by the first weekend in December. However, this delay put the kibosh on our annual open house, and between that and the unseasonably warm weather, it really hasn’t felt much like Christmas. We’ve mostly completed our gift shopping, and are preparing for guests over the holidays, but even that hasn’t bolstered our Christmas Spirits. The kids are geared up, however, and they’re excited for the holiday events. I think we’ve watched Elf about 10 times already, along with a number of other Christmas movies and Christmas themed shows, but even these haven’t really sparked the holiday merriment.

So, what’s the plan? How do you get into the Christmas Spirit? We’re going to head out and see A Charlie Brown Christmas at the Coterie theater today, and then come back home and greet folks who are watching the lights and hand out some candy canes. We’ll likely try and greet folks tomorrow night, as well, and see what we can do towards doing it each night next week. We’ll go out as a family and look at other lights one night. We’ll keep plugging away at the advent calendar. And we’ll work to remember that none of these things really matter, and keep focused on the Reason for the season, and the redemption He brought when he came to this world.

For those of you who are coming out to the lights in the next week, please enter the neighborhood from Woodland onto 63rd Terr, and then you can continue around the corner at the house onto Millbrook Ave, and when through watching, continue down Millbrook to W 64th St, turning left back out to Woodland. This will help reduce some of the congestion that we experienced last year. Thank you for your cooperation 🙂

Please keep in mind that we are still collecting for the Kansas City Rescue Mission, and all donations that you feel compelled to give go directly to them. Helping others is another great way to get into the Christmas spirit!

2 Comments on Almost Christmas…

williams said : administrator Report 4 years ago

Yeah, that one is a little tall :) Thanks for the kind words, Tim.

Tim said : Guest Report 4 years ago

Bruce, we came by last night and really like what you've put together this year. It has been a struggle for sure, but you met the challenge and have a super display. It gets better each year. Always like the spiral tree and snowflakes. The pixel tree is a gem. But dude, you may want to get a shorter Christmas tree for inside the house next year. ;-}

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