Chalk up another season

Well, that’s a wrap. The lights have run their last sequence for the season, and the yard has gone dark. It was a successful, though stressful, season, with a good amount of traffic. Feedback on the new display features was overwhelmingly positive. Donations were down from last year, but still 50% more than the previous year. In total, we collected a few pennies shy of $450. Facebook likes shot up past 1000, and website visits are approaching 30k total over the last three years

We have already started planning for next season, and I have new display items in the works. Next year should feature a revamp of the original spiral tree (think taller), as well as many new pixel accent pieces and all new sequences. We are already looking forward to it.

Thank you for another successful season!


  1. 1
    TIMDKS Says:

    Way to build the anticipation Bruce. Hopefully things will go smoother.

  2. 2
    WILLIAMS Says:

    It couldn’t have been much more frustrating, for sure 🙂 Thanks, Tim

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