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I bought a few (thousand) lights…

…and got a heck of a deal in the process.  I stumbled across a Craigslist ad in a town a couple of hours away in which an entire display was listed for sale.  I talked with the owner and he was in the process of moving, a little burned out, and ready to start over in a few years at a new house.  I asked him approximately how much space I would need, and rented a trailer to go get them.  Long and short, I bought this display:


Now I need to go through all the boxes, figure out what I can and can not use, pass along the ‘can not use’ items to others, and get on with growing our show.  Thanks again, Tom and Family for the killer deal and the help loading it all up.

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williams said : administrator Report 9 years ago

We'll see how much of it I put to use this year, and how much waits until next year :)

Tim said : Guest Report 9 years ago

Looking forward to seeing what your creative mind conjures up with all the lights. Should be awesome.

williams said : administrator Report 9 years ago

:) No more new houses; we did that last year. I have more frontage to use up, plus stuff to do on the house itself, so I will make use of a lot of it. What I can't use will be sold off or shared.

Brenda said : Guest Report 9 years ago

Wow. You are going to need another house!

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