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Those of you who know me, likely know that I enjoy listening to radio shows from the 1930’s-1960’s. I primarily like the detective and police dramas, but there are also some westerns and comedies that I listen to regularly. Most of these shows were weeklies, and reflected the season in which they were broadcast. Many of the shows did Christmas episodes, some funny, some more poignant. As I like most things Christmas, it should come as no surprise that many of these episodes are among my favorites. I have uploaded a few of these shows, and will list them below with a brief description of the series. Most of these shows can be found on archive.org by searching for Old Time Radio, or OTRR. Happy listening 🙂

First, an episode of The Saint, featuring Vincent Price. As The Saint, he helps people who end up in difficult situations. His character is similar to a detective, though not in an official capacity.
Nineteen Santa Clauses

Next, an episode of classic Dragnet. Jack Webb played Joe Friday, a detective in LA. Most episodes are fairly dark, with bits of humor thrown in. For several years, the show titles started with the word ‘big’
Big Little Jesus

The next show is an episode of The Six Shooter. James Stewart plays Britt Ponsett, a drifter in the old West. Though there are many classic radio versions of Dickens’ Christmas Carol, I chose to share this interpretation.
Britt Ponset’s Christmas Carol

Most folks are familiar with at least one iteration of Sherlock Holmes, and his partner, Dr. Watson. This is a Christmas episode from an early radio series from 1945. Don’t let the title throw you- it has nothing to do with the poem A Visit from St. Nicholas.
The Night Before Christmas

The next two shows are both feel-good shows. They do a good job of evoking some of the emotion that is tied to the Christmas season. The first is an episode of Gunsmoke. The Gunsmoke radio show is wide recognized as one of the best-written of all classic radio shows. It is one of my favorites, as well. I enjoy this episode, as it verbally paints a great picture of a Christmas in Dodge City. The second show is from Nick Carter, Master Detective. This show generally had a fast pace, and shows tended to wrap up quickly, almost too quickly at times, due to the amazing observations of Nick Carter. This episode, though, is a roller coaster of emotion, and ends grandly. Keep a Kleenex handy 🙂
Xmas Story
Nick Carter’s Christmas Adventure

The last show is from the series Broadway is My Beat, a police drama from NYC. This show tended to be dark, and not all episodes ended on a high note. Lt Danny Clover, the main character, tends to be a cynic. His character is offset buy an offbeat sergeant who keeps the mood lighter.
Nick Norman & Santa Claus

I hope you can make time to listen to at least one of these. These old shows are truly treasures. -B

4 Comments on Old Time Radio Christmas

williams said : administrator Report 9 years ago

Thank you, John. You are absolutely welcome. Like I mentioned above, you can find many of these shows in their entirety at https://archive.org/details/oldtimeradio. -B

John Vega said : Guest Report 9 years ago

I Love Those Old Radio Shows.I just want to thank you for sharing them..Great Entertainment Never Goes Out Of Fashion or Should i say "Fade With The Times"..Thank You For Allowing Me Such Treasure.

williams said : administrator Report 9 years ago

I can't listen to Jack Benny's show at work, because I will laugh out loud in the office :) I like all of those, as well. Good stuff.

Tim Dorr said : Guest Report 9 years ago

Isn't it wonderful that someone had the insight to save these old programs? I'll check some of these out. Personally I like the comedians like Fibber McGee & Molly, Jack Benny, and Bob Hope. Priceless.

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