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Now that the show is once again underway, I have some time to pick at the website. I am reactivating the calendar for the show season. I have once again included information about the Advent Season and its progression. New for this year are short daily readings taken from Surviving Christmas, a devotional Ebook published by my friend, author Anne Miller (link). Anne is a fun, quirky author who draws from her personal experiences to write in a refreshingly honest, open manner, confronting some of the holiday headaches we all face. I hope you will enjoy them. I have also taken a bunch of show photos, which I need to go through and get some posted up for this year.

Come out and see the lights!  If you do, let us know! Post your photos on our FB page! Help get the word out and increase our traffic at the show! The more people who view the show, the more funds we will collect for KCRM. It’s a win/win.

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