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Thank you…

…on a few different fronts:

-Thank you for voting us into the top three in Shawnee’s Facebook Christmas light competition! Julie from the City of Shawnee stopped by tonight and dropped off a bag of Shawnee swag. Yes, I said swag. Shirts, mugs, stickers, and the like. Fun.

-Thank you for making this our largest donation year yet. We are still running for a few more days, but are at around $750 collected for KCRM. Well done!

-Thank you for the notes and nice comments this year. It’s always nice to be appreciated for the work that goes into the display.

If you haven’t made it by, you have a few more nights. I usually run through Jan 6th, but since that is a Friday this year, I will continue through this coming weekend. Hours are 5:25 – 9:30 nightly.

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TIMOTHY DORR said : Guest Report 6 years ago

Bruce, thank you for taking the many hours that is required before one note of music is heard by those watching your show each year, to put together a show of your size and complexity. It is truly a gift to one and all.

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