// Time to get back at it… | Williams Christmas Lights

Time to get back at it…

…but that means I will need to take the lights down first, lol.  I have about 85% of the display down, including all of the controllers and cabling.  I have to pull the roof line lights down, disassemble both megatrees, and bring the giant candy cane in.  Not too bad.

I have already begun working on next year’s show, including building two controllers for two new pixel matrices that will primarily be for scrolling text, such as song titles/artists, greetings, and any other text notes. They may also be used for simple graphics, but I’m not sure that I want to do that at this time. I have designed a new large display element, as well, which is unlike any I have seen before. Other changes are in the works, including changes to our border, general layout, and house outlining. I’m pretty excited about this year’s show, so stay tuned!

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