Improvements coming

Those of you who have come by the show this year have only seen part of what was planned. The pixel tree, our new feature item, hasn’t run all season. Other pixel display pieces have had issues, as well, all due to water intrusion into the individual pixels, causing data errors and erratic operation at best. Tomorrow, the pixel tree will be redone with replacement pixels. These are better quality than the ones we had already. All in all, we plan to rebuild the pixel tree, two tree topper stars, and the two shooting stars this weekend. If you have seen the show already, it will be worthwhile to come back by and see the improvements. It’s been a difficult season, knowing that the show has only been partially operational. After this weekend, it should be up to speed 🙂

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Tim said : Guest Report 4 years ago

Looking forward to seeing your full show. If better than last year, it will certainly be an eye opener. Go get them Bruce.

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