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Quiet season

It’s been pretty quiet, as far as our show goes.  I have done a few things:

-I managed to build another Ren SS24 last weekend, which was the last unbuilt controller I had from last year’s group buys.

-I picked at my backup FM transmitter and the RDS board I bought to integrate into it.  I am still debating as to whether this will be worth the effort or not.  Do I want people watching their radio, or watching the lights?  What percentage of people actually have RDS-capable radios?  At the moment, it is on the back burner.

-I purchased a few more Ren-W snap-in boards, which will allow wireless operation of some of my controllers.  I will be working to reduce the mess of cabling I had in the yard last year.

-I have been working on ideas for new display items, and expanding out into the front yard, rather than just the side yard.  I have a specific series of cutouts in mind, as well as some more animated lights.  People will need to come around the corner to see the balance of the display.

-I am planning a pixel based message board to allow for scrolling messages, song titles, artists, etc.   Whether I get there or not for this year, we will see.

-There will be some new music this year.  I am not going to give any of it away yet, but I think the changes will be good.

I guess that is about it.  I will continue to post through the year, with the regularity increasing as fall approaches.


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