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Some updates

Some more progress is being made:

-If you poke around the site, you will see a new calendar being implemented for show information.  You will also notice some new logos and links as I freshen some areas of the site.

-I have purchased new ‘tune-to’ banners with the website info on them rather than the show dates, which will hopefully not only boost my site traffic, but also make them reusable year to year.

-I have purchased new ‘donation’ banners, as well, and will try to make the donation box a more prominent part of the display.  Hopefully this will raise the donation amounts.  While on this topic, I received a nice note in the mail from the head of KCRM, thanking us for the donation from last year’s lights.  The staff there is going to help promote us on their FB and Twitter feeds.

-If you have been by the house, you have likely seen me outside with a tape measure and notebook, deciding where and how to add more lights.  The house itself looked a little thin last year, so I plan to add some more accents to it.  No Griswald house or anything, but more than last year 🙂

-I have been working on music selections, and hope to have time to sequence all the songs that I would like to add.

Not a lot, but progress nevertheless.


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